Film Still Rules

Images from the B&W film I used in my Lomo L-CA+ recently.

I love film!

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At Expo


Had the chance to perform for the above event yesterday.

It was raining, the weather was humid, the crowd was rather distracting. Overall, it wasn’t the best experience, but it was an experience all the same.

And it doesn’t hurt to get more experience 🙂



Have you ever had songs stuck in your heads, tunes you just couldn’t shake away?

Mine changes once every few days.

Today, it is this:

I have yet to watch this film, but the title and music evokes in me a sense of Nostalgia. (Especially the E7 chords!)

A sense of knowing that what has been passed cannot be returned.

A sense of regret?

Yes, its barely detectable, maybe just a little tinge.

But it’s there.

Jw: I know, I have fallen to the dark side! >.<




Everything in its Time