After the Quake


Have never been a fan of Murakami’s short stories, but this little book captured my attention from the start. Perhaps it was because all the short stories are linked by the common denominator of the 1995 Kobe Earthquake.


Funny, tragic, out-of-this-world – are just some of the words I’d use to describe this short but memorable journey with Murakami. Especially liked “Super Frog” and “Honey Pie”.


And, wonders of wonders, I finished this book feeling like I really want to read 1Q84 again… and I think I will.



Life Lessons

There are so many lessons to be learnt just by living.


Sometimes I see these lessons pass me by, and wonder if I’m taking life too much for granted. I’m often guilty of that. Letting moments of valuable depth and meaning slip past, only contemplating them on hindsight.

For example, it’s so easy to complain and grouse when things don’t go our way. It even feels like I’m forcing my mind and body to do something really unnatural – just to have a more open attitude of acceptance, regardless of the circumstances life can throw at you.

I guess that’s why things like these are called LIFE lessons.

They probably don’t and won’t stop until this Life is over.




Sometimes I feel guilty for being part of a system which kills creativity and spontaneity.

Seeing answers like these, which can only come from fresh international students, still untainted by the rigidness of marks and scores, only deepens this guilt.





What do you see?

Sometimes I wish I could do more for them. Make them see the importance of working together. Of helping each other. That life is not just about grades, or results, or awards. That there is beauty within a single note. A single moment. That they have the power to stir souls and make lips smile, or make tears fall.


Maybe, I’m being too ambitious. Setting goals too high. I should look nearer. Closer. After all, every little starfish saved matters, no matter how small.

Suicidal Fish

The colleague next to me keeps a tank of fish for relaxation purposes.

Today, one of the little guppies jumped out of the tank, and screams ensued from our corner of the staffroom.

To those who have never witnessed a fish jump out before, I can tell you it is a traumatic experience.

Minutes of struggling and screaming later, the fish was safe and sound back in the tank.

“Yes, the fish have a tendency to be suicidal”, so the “expert” said.

I can’t help but wonder if it’s just the general gloomy aura of the place :p

Everything in its Time