The Burning Gaze

Another lovely silent afternoon in a museum.

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Reading Theories


Today, we were talking about how, when a teacher steps into class, you can immediately identify the “Good Boy” and the “Good Girl” of the class.

Because they are likely to be the ones Reading.

Then the conversation moved on to how these kids fell prey to easy bullying in our environment. The theory was expounded on.

“When a guy reads, no other guy will bother him. That’s because all the other guys are actually jealous that we cannot be like him.

… But when a GIRL reads, other girls will sure kaciao her like crazy. That’s the difference between guys and girls.” (Triumphant smile)

And immediately I recalled the irritating invigilator who kept talking to me even as I was trying to read a book (which was held RIGHT IN FRONT of her face!) during our invigilation break.

And I couldn’t help but laugh in agreement.

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