Now I know why another blogger wrote that she was “disinclined” to share about this place. I feel quite the same after spending an afternoon there!

The peace, the quiet, the design and decor, the friendly bosses… Certainly a home away from home. All they need now is a live Cat and it will be perfect! >.<


Starry Starry Night

A quiet, whimsical film.

Imaginative, sweet and touching.

Beautifully portrays a person’s ability to exist above what the world deems as Reality – the ability to create and live your own space, your own world.

A world where no one can intrude, or destroy, simply because they’re not in it.

Something I wish I could do more easily.

“Starry Starry Night

Paint your palatte blue and grey

Look out on a summer’s day

With eyes that know the darkness in my soul”


When God was a Rabbit

“I am here but I am not yours”

A poetic narrative of a girl’s life from the 1960s to 1990s, against a backdrop of world events which shaped her life and the global landscape at large.

Having just finished 1Q84, it took me awhile to adjust to Sarah Winman’s style. There were times when I had to read a sentence twice to understand what she was driving at, long and winding as they were.

However, as the story flowed on, I started to feel comfortable with the rhythm of her words, like long musical phrases that become an acquired taste after some time. Emotions seem to be her forte – her description of them touched me deeply. There was a time when I was reading a particularly emotional chapter on the train, and simply started tearing, as the emotive words jumped out from print into the recesses of my heart.

Overall, it was these emotion-laden words, and the poetic style with which she writes, that compelled me to finish this novel within 3 days.

“The witness of my soul, my shadow in childhood, when dreams were small and attainable for all. When sweets were a penny and god was a rabbit.”


I don’t think I’ve ever introduced Vivi in this space, so here she is.

Vivi is my digital-lomo camera, also known as the Vistaquest 1015 R2 (Let’s not start on why I name my stuff).

I love her because she provides a balance between the exciting suspension of film, and the agony of waiting. I can take pictures with her without knowing what they’ll look like, making me increasingly excited, but my curiosity is satisfied the moment I reach home and plug her into the computer. A fine balance between suspense and waiting 🙂

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