“Children come to school with a vibrant fantasy life, a curious mind an an elegant body, all the elements of artistic life already in place, and we tell them to sit down and take out the worksheet. Instead of telling the children to stop daydreaming, we can turn their random fantasies into a richly trained imagination. Instead of complaining that they ask too many questions, we can turn their relentless curiosity into systematic investigation. Instead of insisting they sit still and stop wriggling, we can train their spontaneous bodies to be consciously expressive. A cultivated imagination, a disciplined analytical mind and an educated expressive body are the tools that a good arts programs bequeath to our children. All three are not only essential to the arts, but also inform all of the various disciplines found in schools.”

– Doug Goodkin “The ABCs of Education”

I wonder when we started to lose that inner spontaneity. Was it from the first day of school? When we were told to “line up in straight lines” and “put your fingers to your lips”?


Do Not Fear

“You must not be fearful. If you are fearful you will never be able to do what you want.”

Words from a senior music teacher who has been in the service for 30 years. (!!!)

It was comforting, to say the least, to hear such encouragement. To meet people who tell you to follow your dreams instead of conforming to the system. To have people who support what you believe instead of putting you down. I believe I have met her for a reason. And the message is clear πŸ™‚

Hotel Rwanda

I was crying my eyes out by the end of this film.


“I am glad that you have shot this footage and that the world will see it. It is the only way we have a chance that people might intervene.”

“Yeah and if no one intervenes, is it still a good thing to show?”

“How can they not intervene when they witness such atrocities?”

“I think if people see this footage they’ll say, “oh my God that’s horrible,” and then go on eating their dinners”






I received the email from “Noise Singapore” sometime back, informing me that my submitted picture has been selected for the showcase.

Managed to make my way down to the exhibition today, and I was very happy to see my first exhibited work in its full glory.

It’s only ONE picture, yes, but its PUBLIC and my name is there, right there, below the picture ^_^

Unfortunately its not at eye level, and I had a hard time trying to stoop low enough to take a picture of my picture.


If you happen to be around Orchard / Ion, do drop by B4 and take a look! There are many other impressive and interesting displays around. The exhibition ends on 4th March.



Is it true that women micro-manage more than men?

This term has been a heck of a roller coaster ride.

I’m actually glad to get the week off to go on a 5-day course (After I’ve survived the hell of planning relief for ALL my lessons, of course).

Not only the teachers are feeling it – the students are feeling the heat too.

Sometimes, I do feel sorry for them.

Even the really big ones that sweat alot and stink up the whole classroom.

Everything in its Time