Do the birds know they’re simply made of paper, and not perceived as “Real”?

Do we know we’re simply made of thoughts, and Reality exists beyond?



“I cannot understand!”

Was helping an international student from China fill up his councilor nomination form today.

“What specific virtues do you have and how will that make you suitable as a student councilor.” I read, simplifying the sentence meaning for him.

“Teacher, I don’t know! If you ask me talk about my weakness I can say very beautifully, but I don’t know how to talk my strengths!”

I thought for awhile.
“Well maybe you could say, I am responsible in my work and respectful towards teachers.”

He stares at me, his eyes widening slightly in surprise.

“Teacher, I thought that is NORMAL for everyone to have!”

“To you it might be normal but there are many who do not know what it means to be responsible and respectful.”

“Are you sure?!” He asks incredulously.

“Yes. And sometimes it’s not their fault. It could be that they didn’t have the chance to be taught well from young.”

He continues to look perplexed and shocked. He rubs his hair vigorously and shakes his head.

“Teacher, I cannot understand!”

I wanted to reply: “I know, neither can I.”

For Which We Live

“We live so that we may find the reason for which we live.”

I have no idea where this quote came from. I was flipping through my notebook yesterday, and found this line written in one of the pages, emo-ly decorated and all.

Did I get it from a book? Murakami? Kundera? Or did it come from the depths of my mind in a rare moment of depressed inspiration?

Whatever or wherever it came from, it simply fits my mood today. Just one of those day when I feel that I’m still searching for that reason.



The Magic of Museums






There’s something about museums that draws me back, again and again.

There’s the silence which I relish and can take for granted.

There’s the wonder of seeing and reading and learning about what’s in front of you.

There’s the luxury of walking at your own pace, unhurried and leisurely.

There’s the Magic of being immersed in a different world. A dimmer, quieter world. Of stories and tales, and evoked imagination.

The Magic of Museums.

Everything in its Time