More Gardens – After the Rain

On a morning I was free, it struck me that it had just rained heavily. I yolo-ed and reorganised my plans for the day so that I could visit the Botanic Gardens.

I wasn’t disappointed.

The smell of wet grass, the not-too-warm-yet sunlight on my skin… the excitement of taking photos under such friendly lighting… Everything came together to make it a beautiful morning experience.


Ask. Give.

I must admit it does not come naturally to ask for help.

There were times when I felt (and still feel) like I’m a burden. Like who am I to take up so much of others’ time or to request to company of someone who must have better things to do?

But I hope I will one day completely realise and believe that this is how our world must go on – to be able to ask for help when we need it and to be able to give when we can.

I am thankful for all the help I have been able to afford and receive, as well as the help I have been able to give, whether consciously or otherwise.

Everything in its Time