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And Life Goes On.

Sorry to post such a gory picture. I couldn’t resist taking a shot before throwing it away.

It is Day 2, and I woke up feeling less numb, and more of my mouth.

Thankfully it is not as painful as I expected it to be. Am able to swallow porridge and water, with only slight discomfort.

Am also starting to feel pretty proud of myself for having survived the experience.

Hmm… 5 days MC… shall make it a productive time 🙂

Goodbye Wisdom (No. 1)

The tooth is out.

The mouth is numb. The pain is creeping.

The MC is 5 days long.

The way to communicate is to use hand signals, sounds, or type on handphone.

Dear God,

May I know WHY were we made with wisdom teeth?!

Reading Theories


Today, we were talking about how, when a teacher steps into class, you can immediately identify the “Good Boy” and the “Good Girl” of the class.

Because they are likely to be the ones Reading.

Then the conversation moved on to how these kids fell prey to easy bullying in our environment. The theory was expounded on.

“When a guy reads, no other guy will bother him. That’s because all the other guys are actually jealous that we cannot be like him.

… But when a GIRL reads, other girls will sure kaciao her like crazy. That’s the difference between guys and girls.” (Triumphant smile)

And immediately I recalled the irritating invigilator who kept talking to me even as I was trying to read a book (which was held RIGHT IN FRONT of her face!) during our invigilation break.

And I couldn’t help but laugh in agreement.

Me? An Idealist?

I think back to almost 2 years ago. When I first came in.

Maybe I was an idealist then.  Definitely more than I am now, at least.


Today, a senior teacher was telling us about a contract teacher last year who burst into tears after a class gave her a hard time, and she used up half the tissue in his box.  (Angel, if you’re reading this, he’s the one with the Mustache!)

“I -I don’t understand… wh-why they don’t want to learn!!!” she had sobbed.

“Even YOU are not as idealistic as her!” He pointed to me.

Surprised, I asked why he would think I was an idealist to begin with.

“Well, you’re vegetarian.”

I laughed and shook my head. Perhaps I tend to be more positive only when it comes to working with and relating to people. But where bigger pictures are concerned, like.. human nature, politics, systems, power struggles, war… the world at large… I just shake my head and see the glass as half empty rather than half full. I mean, I just look through my past diary/notebook entries, and half the time I’m lamenting at the state (or statelessness) of things around.

“I think I can be more of a pessimist than an idealist.” I replied.


Maybe… I am an idealist… in my own world. Where cats and hamsters live in perfect harmony.

In other worlds, I’m just a dreamer.


Am I a pessimist by nature?

As I was doing up this new blog, I found myself veering away from themes that were too bright, too cheery… like a vampire shielding away from the sunlight.

Anyway, if you want to know the REAL reason why I moved?

Xanga was getting irritating.

“It won’t be the same without you.”

And you, too.