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The Cat Who Takes Lifts

Not the first time, but amazes me everytime.

This time, he/she sat calmly looking at me while the lift took us to the 12th floor.

End of story? He/She eventually stepped into the lift again, and I pressed ‘1’ to take it back to the ground floor.

Someone would have gotten a treat, seeing a cat walk out from a lift..


Over the Mountains and Under the Sea I

Weekend with the Aussie friend a few weeks back.

Spent the night at hers at Manly, and we set off in the morning, taking a ferry from Manly Wharf to Circular Quay.

Pre-concert cuppa. The concert being the free Rising Stars concert at the conservatorium.


The ferry ride back to Manly, where we encountered very entertaining tourists taking videos and pictures… of themselves.

Random cat at Manly wharf.

“Is this your cat?” We asked the girl at the pushcart.

“No, someone just left it here while they went to do their shopping and asked me to look after it for awhile.” The salesgirl replied, gesturing to the supermarket behind us.

Why anyone would bring their cat out, on a leash, and leave it at a pushcart with a stranger while they went to do their shopping… Is just beyond comprehension. We had a good perplexing laugh about that.

Part 2 soon 🙂

A While Back

From a phone message conversation with the brother:

L: Yeah! No point watering the negative seeds within ourselves
J: Yup! No point feeding the lesser wolf in us
L: Hahahaha so many ways to put it
I thought it’s lion?
J: wolf la

Final verdict: Ok it’s wolf. Haha.

It’s nice to have family to water the positive seeds in me. Miss you, bro!


If we hold our hand close to our eyes, we would not be able to see the lines on our palm – all we would see is darkness. Only when we remove it and look at/witness it from a distance will we be able to see the distinct patterns.

A witness in life is someone who is able to observe what is happening from a distance – emotionally, physically, spiritually. Witnessing means being able to see the details which someone too deeply entangled might miss.

当局者迷,旁观者清” – whoever came up with this ancient idiom definitely knew the importance of cultivating the attitude of a witness.

In clinical work, this would be similar to the third way of playing/listening – as a witness of what your body is doing and creating.

And in so many other aspects of life. Just be still, and witness.