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Barangaroo Reserve

Looking back, I realise this was the last place of attraction I visited in Sydney.

It was a cloudy, overcast day, which sort of mirrored my feelings about leaving the beautiful city soon. I decided to do something about those feelings, and together we went for a walk at the newly opened Barangaroo Reserve. It helped.

Cherry Blossoms Love

Yes, still on the gardens. These flowers are the reason why I deigned to pay the admission fee. Though I’m sure it’s nothing like what we’d see in Japan. Still, really pretty.

One downside was… Where there are flowers… there are… other living things.


I’ve come to appreciate silence as one of the most precious things in this world.

Silence not only from external forces, distractions and temptations, assaulting us from every angle,

but also silence from within, the quelling of our inner desires and restless thoughts.

Sometimes I look up, and catch sight of a beautiful of silhouette of a tree against the vast sky,

Or perhaps a beautiful sunset, absorbing all the negativity in this world as the sun sinks into the horizon,

Or something as simple as wispy clouds floating unhurriedly by…

and I think, if Silence took on a form, this is what it might look like.

And this precious silence would make a great gift, any day 🙂

Shutting Off


Sometimes I feel such a strong need to shut off from everything, because it feels too tiring to have to keep processing what the world wants, to contemplate the consequence of each and every action, to infer the words and actions of everyone and everything.

These sound simple, but they are in fact seriously mind-boggling activities.

It doesn’t help that having such active thought processes means that even when you sleep, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your mind is getting rest. And you wake up more tired than the day before.


But enough of rants. It’s time to think of this week’s gratitude list.

The Beetle Affair

When you encounter a beetle on the table which you are about to dine on, do you:

A) Call the waiters for help?
B) Get rid of it yourself?
C) Swipe it away to your neighbouring table, hence transfering the problem to another person?

Unfortunately, the two young ladies at the table next to mine decided to choose option C, much to my dismay.

They appeared not to notice my disgust and horror at all. Or if they did, they certainly did not show it.

The waiter eventually helped to remove the little creature (without killing it, I hope), but the incident left me feeling sad for our society. if we are only going to have such self-centered individuals, who seem unable to emphatize and consider for others, I have not much hope for our progess and development.