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Sydney 2018 – What I Learnt

An important lesson I learnt in Sydney was this:
You can travel to the ends of the earth, but you cannot run away from the things inside you. The trip was wonderful and relaxing and all, and I met my aim of revisiting old memories and creating new ones.


The body will have its way of telling you that something is wrong, be it the constant pains and aches in the chest, the feeling that something is stuck in your throat, or the unpredictable tearfulness.

I realise I have always thought of my adult self as someone who is “with it”, “steady”, “in-control”… And when those images of myself began to fall apart… it was scary, naturally.

When I look back, it was probably only my spiritual practices and divine grace that continued to keep me grounded during those days when I couldn’t explain what was happening to me and with my emotions.


Something to remember when I feel the inertia to wake up that 30-45minutes earlier in the morning! πŸ˜‰

Thank you Sydney, for the memories and lessons. Till next time!




Sydney 2018 – Cafes of Sydney

Sydney was where I started to fall deeply in love with cafes, the act of sitting with a coffee, reading, writing, soaking in the unique vibes of a thoughtfully-built space, and parking oneself by the window and watching the world go by.

It was so nostalgic and lovely to be able to do that in this temperature again.


Sydney 2018 – Burragorang Lookout

This was a real treat for me – somewhere inaccessible by public transport!

Thankful to the coursemate-turned-friend who took time off to drive us there.

It was also really nice to spend time and catch up, talking about our journey so far, after we graduated from our music therapy course. Nothing like a friend on the same journey to provide a much-needed dose of inspiration πŸ™‚