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Cats’ Butts.

Alright, this post has nothing to do with Cats’ Butts.

But it is the one thing I remember from today. Haha!





I’ve also decided, that 2012 will be a MOLESKINE YEAR.


Cat Wars

Was greeted by the little meow again when I reached home!

Sat at the ledge and let her twist and rub all she wanted against my legs. I would have loved for her to jump up to sit on the ledge beside me. There were a few times she looked like she would consider doing it, but never got around to doing so. So we remained status quo, me sitting still and she rubbing to her heart’s content.

I did not see the white cat approaching. I only noticed when she suddenly became very tensed, crouched low, tail touching the ground, signs of cat aggression!?! THEN I saw the white unfriendly one. Walking towards us slowly!

Desperate, I searched my bag for something that would scare the white one away. Took out the camera pouch. And WAVED VIOLENTLY.

(Imagine a mad woman waving a piece of cloth at a cat at 10plus at night – that’s what I probably looked like)

To my surprise, the white fellow actually got scared and ran away. Waved the cloth at him 3 more times before he was a safe distance away. And the little darling, she immediately relaxed and started stretching on the floor again. And meowed. And looked at me. And meowed again. Dare I think – she’s thanking me?

I am assuming that they are 2 cats fighting for the same territory, hence this hostility. And I am also assuming that the lovely brown one has the moral high ground here, otherwise she wouldn’t have crouched while the white one walked towards her.

Then again I may just be a little biased =p

She was especially beautiful tonight.


Got new books.

Decided to drop by the Caramel of Hairloom and Caramel, as I heard it was stopping operations soon.

The last time I came here was years ago. I arrived with a fellow kc, when we were still young and (more) innocent. We had oohed and aahhed at the colourful chairs, and the vintage items on sale.

This time I was alone, older, perhaps a little more tired than Me who had come years before.

But some things don’t change 🙂

Walking Home

Today I walked, for a second time, from CP to my block, which is a distance of about 3 LRT stations away.

What might have took 20 minutes stretched to a little more than half an hour, because I was stopping every few steps to take a picture.

Bubble tea in one hand, Phoebe and App in the other… what better way to destress and forgot about all the unhappiness caused by egoistic humans (myself included) at work?



“You wouldn’t care so much about what others think when you realise they don’t care very much at all.”