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Just Yesterday




Just yesterday,

I decided that

I would play my part in this world

but not be immersed in it.

I would give my best,

but not be affected by results yielded.

I would carry out my role, whatever this world expects of me,

but not be tainted by hope or disappointment.

At least, I will try.

Is it necessary to be so cold-hearted?

I guess

I just don’t like being subjected to expectations.

“Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away…”






Got myself an early Christmas present a few days ago.

Her name is Sophie, as inspired by the girl in Sophie’s World.

I was planning to bring her to the office and place her on my desk to accompany me through working hours, but I’m having second thoughts.

She feels so fragile, so pure… it is almost sacrilegious to put her among all the worldly chaos.



So, in my room and on my table she will remain, sheltered from the noise and unbearables of the world.