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Beautiful Sunday

Have been reading a novel about the history of Philosophy.

The human species is indeed fascinating.


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The Waterway

Have been eating nothing but liquid food the past few days, and that has resulted in a very grouchy and deprived girl. On top of that, the mouth is still sore and I can hardly articulate my words properly. There is a constant throbbing and the only thing that seems to make me feel better is to take naps to sleep the discomfort away.

In an attempt to cheer me up, my dad insisted that I get out of the house to “get some sunshine”.

So, with me mmm-ing and hmmm-ing away, we took a short stroll at the new waterway behind our block.

I must admit, the sunshine and photo-taking did make me feel a little better.











Public Holiday

Indeed, these holidays are “public” because that’s what everything everywhere and everything we do seems to be!


Too Many Books

It’s becoming an addiction.

Like taking too many pictures.

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When the Week Ends

Everyone deserves a good weekend, whichever day your weekend falls on.

We’re humans, not robots. (Even if we are, machines need to rest too!)

And my weekend just got off to a great start.

PS: First try using the WordPress Slideshow function. Try it out!

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Mimi Kitty

So, while I am still waiting for my Cat to arrive, I try to gain experience by learning from other cats.






Mimi is a real darling.