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Walk in the Gardens

Another attempt to reengage the senses. I was told walking in the Botanic Gardens after the rain is a magical experience. Unfortunately we have just been having a lot of dry weather so…

It’s just a walk. Without the after-rain smells.

Still lovely though.



Learning how to let go of expectations – trickier than I thought!

“I cycled so much today – I should feel better.”

“I did my yoga and meditation this morning – it ought to make me feel more motivated.”

“I spent time with a friend last night – I should be feeling more connected.”

It took me a while before I even realised I was holding these invisible expectations in my thought patterns. And that they were bound to lead to some disappointment, sooner or later.

What to do?

Awareness and release.

I can see that I am holding certain expectations which may not serve me well.

May I let go of them, and take each moment as it comes.