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Before We Crossed The Road

Backdated pictures from when we were exploring around, before we reached Everton.

I’m occasionally surprised by this little island of ours. Despite its physical limitations, there are still hidden worlds, seemingly untouched by fast-paced development and progress. Whenever I stumble upon such places, its like a breadth of fresh air, a respite from this fast-moving and unforgiving society.

And there’s nothing like a little camera and walking and bubble tea therapy to soothe the soul.

Or my soul, at least.

Petain Road

A charming row of shop houses which I stumbled upon while looking for the Broers Cafe.

As with all pleasant things, surprises are sweetest when you least expect them.

It also soothed my restless heart to know that even in the face of constant and unrelenting modernization, places of antiquity like this can still exist.

Change-ism II: Along Middle Road


The old NAFA building. I remember the “concert hall”, the “practice rooms”, and how we would all rush to book the rooms when the daily booking list came out. Imagine around 50 students fighting for 8 practice rooms. Those were the days, indeed.

I remember holding my pee whenever I could, because I did not like the rather dirty toilets in the old building. I would rush to Bugis to use the toilets during lunch and/or after class.

Now, the building is boarded up and some construction has started. What it will change into, I am not sure.


I remember having (rare) lunches at Midlink Plaza. I remember being recommended their calamari. I remember thinking it was nice. But I also remember finding the place a little crammed and dim.

Now, the place is silent. Nothing was left, except a stray food tray… and the shutters.


I remember asking the uncle to photocopy music scores, lecture notes, bind completed essay assignments and harmony portfolios. I remember how their binding was excellent, and how they always seemed to know what we needed.

Now, he has… retired, I guess.



Goodbye these places along Middle Road, I will always remember you as an integral part of my early musical education 🙂