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Suicidal Fish

The colleague next to me keeps a tank of fish for relaxation purposes.

Today, one of the little guppies jumped out of the tank, and screams ensued from our corner of the staffroom.

To those who have never witnessed a fish jump out before, I can tell you it is a traumatic experience.

Minutes of struggling and screaming later, the fish was safe and sound back in the tank.

“Yes, the fish have a tendency to be suicidal”, so the “expert” said.

I can’t help but wonder if it’s just the general gloomy aura of the place :p

Simple is Good

Attended a friend’s solemnization today. It was a lovely, simple, intimate and touching event. I wouldn’t mind getting married this way myself.

Just wish I was strong enough to say “alright, I need to go off now!” instead of succumbing to peer pressure and staying on to chitchat with the rest of the gang about… I can’t really remember specifically what!!
Felt so much more liberated when we finally parted ways.


Pranky Teachers

The phone placed in between our tables started to ring.

“I bet its for you.” I said to the colleague who sits beside.

As I picked up the receiver, she turned to me. “It must be ___ ___. ” and she silently mouthed the name of a boy – A boy in one of our common classes, a frequent source of distraction, GREAT disturbance and HUGE irritation.

“Hello, cher?” Came a voice over a phone.

I met my colleague’s eyes and nodded, telling her she was right.

“Yes, which ‘cher’ are you looking for?” Even though I already knew the obvious.

“Er.. Ms Lim.”

I was about to hand the receiver to her, when she mouthed something else, this time with a cheeky grin on her face and a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.

“Scold him.”

I must admit I was feeling rather cheeky at that moment too.

So I took the receiver back.


There was a second of stunned silence before he replied with a meek “…ok.”

By this time we were both giggling (silently) like crazy. She was laughing so hard, she could not say anything for almost ten seconds after I handed her the receiver!

Turns out she had punished him after her class today and he wanted to ask if his punishment was over so he could go off.

Haha. So now you know.

Teachers play pranks on students too!


Almost every Friday, when I walk out of school, I feel the air is fresher. The grass is greener. I can almost hear birds chirping.

Yesterday, when I walked out of school, the sky was overcast and threatening clouds loomed above. But my heart was as light and happy as it could be. IT’S FRIDAY! Time for my soul to find peace after a enduring an entire week of sounds and noise.

Another wedding dinner tonight. As usual, Mum was involved in my what-should-I-wear process.

Her contributions included saying:

“Girl, don’t go with leggings, stockings nicer.”

“Girl, remember to bring hongbao.”

“Girl, remember to bring shawl. There cold.”

“Girl, remember to bring enough money. Take cab back after that.”

Finally my father spoke.

“Girl, remember to bring Mummy along.”