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New To Newcastle – Walking to High Tea

Thanks to the friend there who got a free voucher for a high tea, I was invited to join her in the sumptuous endeavor, and to experience the beauty of Newcastle 🙂

Newcastle Museum and Cafe.

Then the walk began…


Our reward:


We felt bad for forgetting to inform the chef about our vegetarian preferences, and he was nice enough to re-make some sandwiches for us. 4 thumbs (because there’s 2 of us) up for service!

One More Hop


From Paper Cup…


To Haven


To the famous Single Origin Roasters, where Owl made an appearance and joined us for “lunch”.


And then we were off, our adventures in Sydney drawing to a close. Am glad for the beautiful memories we have and will continue to create 🙂

Bourke Street Bakery @ Parramatta

Have been hearing the name of this bakery at almost every other turn. Numerous cafes get their pastries from them, and it’s rumored that they sell out whatever they bake, everyday!

So I decided to visit the newly opened branch at Parramatta and give them a try. They open at 8am on Saturdays. When I reached at 7.55 (yes I wanted to beat the crowds), can you believe it – there was already a small hoard of people waiting outside their closed shop!

The initial small hoard – at 8am on a Saturday morning!!

Having tried one of their savory tarts, I guess I can see why people have been raving about them. Interestingly, this shop space used to belong to another bakery which apparently didn’t do so well. What a difference a good reputation makes!

Darcy Street Project

The lack of art was made more disappointing by the fact that the gentlemen after me got a wonderful baristarific cup of coffee art. What a difference a barista makes.

But still, I’d support them just because I heard one of them behind the counter saying how they’re a social enterprise – they give youths-in-need skills in coffee making, so that “they’d always be in demand” – at least until the world’s coffee beans run out.

And… Halfway through the latte, this beautiful macaron appeared in front of me, courtesy of another one behind the counter. It tasted as good as it looked.

Good intentions always make my day.