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Almost every Friday, when I walk out of school, I feel the air is fresher. The grass is greener. I can almost hear birds chirping.

Yesterday, when I walked out of school, the sky was overcast and threatening clouds loomed above. But my heart was as light and happy as it could be. IT’S FRIDAY! Time for my soul to find peace after a enduring an entire week of sounds and noise.

Another wedding dinner tonight. As usual, Mum was involved in my what-should-I-wear process.

Her contributions included saying:

“Girl, don’t go with leggings, stockings nicer.”

“Girl, remember to bring hongbao.”

“Girl, remember to bring shawl. There cold.”

“Girl, remember to bring enough money. Take cab back after that.”

Finally my father spoke.

“Girl, remember to bring Mummy along.”