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Surprise, Surprise

Tried a new flavour today.

Chicken and Tuna.

Seeking shelter under my legs… Made me feel so loved!

About a week ago, I took a video of this little one. The video captured a little glimpse of the buttocks as well.

When I showed the video to Chairman Meow, the Great One took one look at the butt and proclaimed: “IT’S A BOY!”

When we met up, the Great Leader also explained that male cats’ butts are “more complicated” than female butts.

I couldn’t stop laughing.

But it’s true.

So now, she’s no longer a she, she’s a HE.

It looks like I have more affinity with male animals and pets anyway ;p

Marking Day 2011

The day when all who haven’t finished marking scramble to do so, and all who have, keep a low profile to avoid getting the Look of Death.

After a stifling morning in the office, filled with arrow-laden emails, budget briefings, and hammering of deadlines, I left as soon as I could.






I finished reading an interesting book today and was intending to blog about it, but after spending almost half a hour with her, everything else can wait.

Despite my seeming love for cats, I still have a fear of stroking them, because I don’t know if I might touch a part they don’t like and they might lash back!

As it happened, while pouring the tuna for her today, some of it dripped onto her back. I had to use tissue to wipe it off for her while she was preoccupied with the food, and from there, after I realised she really is a tame little thing, there was no turning back! We took turns – I would stroke her a few times, and she would rub against my legs. Then I stroked her head somemore. And she rubbed somemore.

Major melting moment here.


Sigh. Why why why can’t I just bring her home with me??

Cat Wars

Was greeted by the little meow again when I reached home!

Sat at the ledge and let her twist and rub all she wanted against my legs. I would have loved for her to jump up to sit on the ledge beside me. There were a few times she looked like she would consider doing it, but never got around to doing so. So we remained status quo, me sitting still and she rubbing to her heart’s content.

I did not see the white cat approaching. I only noticed when she suddenly became very tensed, crouched low, tail touching the ground, signs of cat aggression!?! THEN I saw the white unfriendly one. Walking towards us slowly!

Desperate, I searched my bag for something that would scare the white one away. Took out the camera pouch. And WAVED VIOLENTLY.

(Imagine a mad woman waving a piece of cloth at a cat at 10plus at night – that’s what I probably looked like)

To my surprise, the white fellow actually got scared and ran away. Waved the cloth at him 3 more times before he was a safe distance away. And the little darling, she immediately relaxed and started stretching on the floor again. And meowed. And looked at me. And meowed again. Dare I think – she’s thanking me?

I am assuming that they are 2 cats fighting for the same territory, hence this hostility. And I am also assuming that the lovely brown one has the moral high ground here, otherwise she wouldn’t have crouched while the white one walked towards her.

Then again I may just be a little biased =p

She was especially beautiful tonight.

The One Downstairs

The little one that used to be really scrawny has recently reappeared and grown much fatter.

It was nice seeing her in the first thing in the morning today and having your legs rubbed against. Especially on a bluish Monday morning.

When I was reaching home, I saw her among the bushes again. Decided to go the extra mile and went NTUC to buy some cat food for her. Fancy Feast Tuna Flakes.

After the meal, she busied herself licking her paws clean.

I was sitting rather comfortably nearby, on one of the ledges at the void deck, asking if she’d consider coming home with me (^_^)

Suddenly, a WHITE STREAK ZOOMED past us. And she bolted away as quickly as the white streak appeared!

The white streak turned out to be another cat, of course. Another familiar figure in our vicinity. But not as endearing as this little one.

I have a feeling they have divided their territories very clearly. Which would explain why she only hides near the bushes now and I swear she was actually looking rather wary when I lured her to the void deck with the cat food!

Hmm. It’s gonna take a lot more work to get her to the 12th storey…