How Have You Been?

Every once in a while, perhaps over a meetup or in the middle of a social situation, a well-meaning friend / person would ask: “So how have you been?!”

And there are times when I’m tempted to answer:
“Oh you know, the same. Fluctuating between the usual states of self-doubt and the possibility of self-actualization, sometimes swinging between them several times within a day. And then of course I try to find authenticity amidst every experience and situation, which again is easier said than done. And my thoughts, while seemingly rooted in the mundane, also frequently go back to what it means to be human, what defines our existence, among other threads of philosophy and spirituality. Emotionally, I tend to question the basis of my every-changing emotions, and trying to observe the mind in the mind has been an ongoing project for some time now. That’s… basically how I’ve been. How about you?”

Maybe sometimes replying “I’m fine”, or “good” … Could be more than just adhering to social norms or obligations.

Maybe it’s a cover up for the inexplicable and inevitable complexity that is us.

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