Remember This

Dear Self,

At this point in your life you are standing at a seemingly significant point in your journey. A point where you have plenty of memories to look back on, enough of life’s experiences to learn from, and a future potentially vast enough to look ahead to.

Remember this feeling.

Remember the contentment combined with restlessness, the mash of hope and worry, the mixture of excitement and reluctance.

Remember all these feelings, because they are all you.

They come from what you have experienced, and they will shape what you will experience.

Remember them, because they are unique and you’ll probably (hopefully) never get to experience anything like them again.

Remember them so that when you look back on your journey, another milestone distance later, you can pick out this point and period in your life, and smile. Because you have become better, stronger and braver for having embraced all these feelings at this point.

Breathe into them. Smile at them. Embrace them.

Remember this moment and smile.

(Everything is going to be alright.)

Your Self.

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