It’s Over

My thoughts after the whole extravaganza:

Oh my goodness. it’s finally over. The parade, the red and white, the singing, oh my goodness the singing. I’m so glad it’s over.

I didn’t think I did anything meaningful. And I felt stupid for worrying over something as non-meaningful as that. And I did it all anyway, despite the worry. The fake enthusiasm, the singing, the rallying, the big wide smiles all the way.

Maybe I’m not happy because I feel I have done something which wasn’t true to myself.

At least it’s over.

At the risk of sounding self absorbed and indulgent, I think my Self deserves a little encouraging affirmation, so here goes:

Well done! Well done for giving it your all despite thinking that it might not have been the most meaningful thing to spend your time and energy on. Well done for encouraging the students who didn’t feel entirely comfortable and for pulling them into the spirit of things. Well done for placing your self-consciousness aside, at least for awhile. You may not have wanted to do it, if given a choice, but you did it all the same. This shows that you are reliable, flexible and adaptable in the face of challenges. You truly are, you truly can be. Now, go seek out all the solitude you want. You deserve it 🙂

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