Thoughts From A Creature Of Habit

For a creature of habit, I sometimes feel I put my life through one too many upheavals and one too many Changes.

It’s always a tricky balance, to find the right balance between being contented and striving for what we think to be an ideal circumstance.

For example, how do we know if what we simply need a change of mindset to be happy at our job, or if what is really needed is a drastic change of environment?
How do we know when acceptance will lead to contentment, or when we really need to stand up against what we do not like to have around us?

Perhaps the best technique to employ in this tricky manoeuvre is to perform the actions without any attachments, regardless of the outcome. which is another tricky technique in itself, isn’t it.

For now, all I can tell myself is, enjoy the process. Be thankful for the choices and options we have.  Be grateful that we even have the opportunity to ponder and think about such philosophical aspects of life, because it means we have our basic needs met very well. Be happy.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts From A Creature Of Habit”

  1. Attachments are a tricky (and sticky!) thing, and I really appreciate your thoughts here. If we continue to move forward, trying to forget what the outcome will be of our actions, it seems to create more of that magical forward momentum we seek.

    Fabulous content you have, and I love the simplicity of your posts!

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