Inside Out

The “Rebel” in me says: Don’t do anything more than necessary. Especially when it only serves to accentuate another portfolio. Or only to show off. Or to demonstrate a capability the world could do without. Don’t stress over the small things that others can worry about. Take care of your well-being, because you still have a long way to go. Look at the big picture and see that by not sweating the small stuff you are allowing yourself more energy to run the whole distance without burning out. Let them do what they want, you don’t have to play by their rules. Protect and strengthen your inner resources for the work that really matters to you.

The Rebel is complemented by the Zen One, the one who says: You can feel that you don’t want to be here, that you don’t want to work in this system for the rest of your life, but you owe it to the 40 souls that come in every lesson – you owe it to them to be fully present, to give your best, to see their beauty, feel their pain, experience life to its fullest in that 1hr and 10minutes with them.

It is my hope that these 2 sides will continue to be developed evenly and complementarily.

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