Early Morning Thoughts

A few mornings ago, as I lay in bed in the early hours of the morning, I thought of how our lives are but specks in comparison to the infinity that is Time and the Cosmos and basically… All of Creation.

I thought of the meaning of life, as one is wont to do when you compare yourself with the infinite. I thought of the meaning and significance of my emotions, my endeavors, my joys and sorrows, my likes and dislikes, my thoughts and emotions, and all the things we attach the “i” and “me” to.

In the expansiveness of reality, do these things still mean anything? I guess I was trying to think from a “what meaning could they have” perspective, rather than a “there’s no meaning to them” perspective.

I believe in the inter-connectedness of consciousness – both the individual and the collective. To find meaning in an individual life is also to find meaning in the expansive scale of things.

Maybe that’s where the meaning of all the “I”s and “my”s lie too. All my tears, laughter, burdened thoughts, light whims, disappointment, anticipation and hope, and the infinite layers of human experiences and expressions – They each have a meaning in themselves, by contributing to the collective consciousness of the reality we live in.

Just some early morning thoughts on the last day of 2015.

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