How Old Do You Want To Be?

While talking with a friend who worked with a 102-year-old client recently, the question of how old do we want to live till came up.

“Her (the 102-year-old) mind is still sharp, but her body is letting her down, and she can feel it. And it’s frustrating her because there’s nothing she can do about it. I wouldn’t want to live till that old and feel my body letting me down.”

I think about the clients with dementia whom I worked with as well.. Their bodies might still be going strong (some of them have more energy than us “younger” ones), but their cognitive senses may not be as able, and to some it may not be a life worth living.

So which is better – Growing old with a sharp mind but a failing body, or growing old with an able body but deteriorating mind?

What power do we have to determine what age we live to, or how we will grow old, anyway? Even our next breath is not within our control. We only think it is.

Knowing that the future is uncertain, may I use this knowledge to remind myself to live fully in each and every moment, because the future is nothing but a collection of present moments.

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