Expansive Thoughts

Maybe there is an innate desire in every individual to expand. Not just physically, but on a deeper, maybe emotional or mental level.

Just like how all things in nature start small – a tree from a sapling, a storm from a small cloud, an ocean from a source in the mountains – Growth and expansion is a natural phenomenon, and it is little wonder that we feel the need to grow in various areas of our lives.

We might have interpreted this innate desire as the need to hoard wealth, resources, leading to us taking more than what we need, leading to the state of the world today. We might have manifested the need for spiritual expansion as fear of losing what we have, and so we guard our material possessions fiercely, fearing that their loss would diminish our beings or hinder our expansion in some way or other.

If… We could recognize that the desire for expansion can be met simply by letting go, by placing the needs of others before us, by serving humanity without expecting anything in return.. We might experience growth and expansion in another form – that in our hearts.

And that growth, once experienced, cannot be taken away, no matter what.

Isn’t that better?

Something I can include in my resolution for 2016… Expand. In the right way.

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