What Happens When You Ask About Church…

In an ideal world, or at least in my ideal world, the only “religion” we’ll ever need is Love and Compassion. If we can truly and purely just practice these, really, every problem in the world will be solved. Heaven will become a reality. Here and Now. Regardless of whatever beliefs we attach our minds to. View the world with Love, act with Compassion towards all creatures and beings.

Why do we make lives so difficult for ourselves?


Ground Control Cafe, Circular Quay.  

3 thoughts on “What Happens When You Ask About Church…”

  1. I can appreciate your stance when so many wars and injustice are carried out in the name of religion. We like to justify almost anything by a so-called higher calling! Viewing the world with Love and acting compassionately to all creatures and beings would indeed bring about an ideal world. When a butterfly flaps its wings another part of the world is changed. Julia

      1. Thank you. That is a lovely thing to say. I think you too are a vibrant butterfly with your gentleness, peaceful attitude and wisdom beyond your years. Love, Julia x

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