Home is a Feeling

It was so easy to adapt to life here last year, I think mainly because I had little or no expectations of anything.

Then I had some trouble adapting to life back on the sunny island, but not too much, and I really grew to appreciate the concept and feeling of Home, more than ever.

Now, I feel some resistance in adapting to life here again. I think it’s because I had some expectations coming back, and they weren’t met (as detailed in previous post).

Is this homesickness? I think so!

2 thoughts on “Home is a Feeling”

  1. I’m a home bird. I used to get very homesick too when I was training. And that was in the same country. Hope you begin to feel more settled in soon. It can be harder if you had a really good year last year, and then this year it is not as yet quite as good. All the best, Julia

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