Existential Freedom

When I saw the 2 words together, I knew they were the explanation I had been looking for all along.

Existential Freedom.

The reason why I like to roam the streets with no one but myself for company.

The reason why I like to sit by windows, with a cup of latte, a notebook and pen to trace the spilling of my thoughts.

The reason why I might shun company, content to experience life on my own at times.

Too much of our lives are determined by schedules, appointments, duties, responsibilities, deadlines, curfews of all kinds. Being on my own helps me go beyond that. It provides me with a measure of existential freedom. To help me know that I am not defined by my role in a corporation, an institution or in a society. To help me feel that I am something more, something which can be found within, and largely when I am in company with myself.

The next time someone asks me why I like to spend so much time alone, this will be my answer.

For existential freedom.

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