Conversations Through The Asian Collections

It was the day after ALL the assignments had been submitted. With an aura of liberation, I made another visit to the Art Gallery of NSW.

Am pretty sure I saw this at the White Rabbit.


My favourite.

“In a world defined by spectacle and information overload, how loud should an artwork be? Some artists respond by producing works that shout for attention. Suda takes the opposite approach, creating objects so quiet that we must slow down and re-focus to perceive them.”


“… a universal metaphor for the clash between consumer-driven progress and and the preservation of historical artefacts.”


“… a spectacular meditation on Buddhist ideas of impermanence and time. Repeating the numbers 1 to 99 in different combinations and rhythms, his installation evokes a a continuous cycle of death and rebirth. Zero, which would indicate an end, is nowhere to be seen… Invites each of us to contemplate our place in the universe where everything is connected and ever-changing.” 

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