Year 1 Done


Yesterday marked the 10th Month since I stepped off the plane and started the journey to study and do something I’ve only ever dreamed off.

10 months later, I have finished the first year of the course, and today I fly home for the summer break. It has been a wonderful year of learning and experiencing life. I’ve been blessed with supportive family, friends, classmates, lecturers and supervisors.



While browsing through some old pictures I spotted this – something they made us write during one of those endless meetings. Perhaps our thoughts are really stronger than we think.
personal mission statement



As happy as I am with the direction my life is taking now, I know the future is still uncertain. But at least, having been through and won a few battles on behalf of my dreams, I also know that I am stronger than I (or others) think.

Let me live in the moment, arming myself with mental strength and resilience, so that I may face whatever the future has in store.

In the meantime – Home, see you soon!


PS: More posts about Aussieland adventures to come… I haven’t quite finished!

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