Today is the last day of placement for this sem.
A while ago, E and I sat down for what was to be my second placement/practical evaluation for the year. She asked me how I felt about my placement in this second semester.
“I have learnt a lot” – this was the gist of my verbal reply to her. In more detailed thoughts and words – I have learnt more than I thought would or could. Although I was resistant to change in supervisors at first, the experience has become just another episode in my life to demonstrate that change need not be negative, that there are times I need to embrace it in order to learn and progress.
With E, I got more opportunities to work on vocal and instrumental improvisation, and I was glad to hear her say that she can see my efforts and improvements as well. With the change in placement days, I also got exposed to a wider variety of clients and clinical conditions, like children with Autism, young adults with Tuberous Sclerosis, and intellectually disabled blind and deaf clients. I got more chances to expand my repertoire and playing styles. And through playing the role of co-therapist, I gained more confidence in responding intuitively in therapeutic settings.
After E went through the various assessment components, she asked if I had any other comments or things to add.
“Well… I hope I’ve been of help in the sessions.” (the mammoth in me fearing that I might have been more of a hinderance instead)
“Oh, yes. The co-therapist is basically an extension of the  therapist, and I think you’ve done a good job of reading my cues and facilitating. Like, I don’t need to say much and you know what to do. Put this way: I have difficult clients on this day, and I trust you with them.”
I could die with no regrets, after experiencing the happiness of feeling validated and affirmed in such a positive and encouraging way, in an area which means so much to me.
Am thankful that this term is winding down, that all seems to have gone well, and that I’ll be home for the holidays soon 🙂

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