Color Of The Rainbow: Compassionate Leadership

“Compassionate leadership doesn’t imply: take no action. Keep your mouth shut and swallow all humiliations and unfair deeds done to you or others. Rather, it is a fearless attitude, an extraordinary aptitude to remain alert and mentally awake in all situations of life. The light of right judgement, discrimination and maturity never leaves a compassionate leader.”

In a world where success has become synonymous with practical, black and white authority, the chapters in this book discuss maintaining a balance between our intuition and intellect, being assertive without being aggressive, and developing a compassionate leader in ourselves and compassionate leadership to people around us, reminding us that unconditional love for all beings and things is the solution to overcoming the problems we face today.

The human race may be relatively successful in the education of the mind, but are we as advanced in the education of the heart?

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