Commune II

It feels so ironic that a culture’s tradition and symbols seem more valued outside of than in its original context. The bricks below were taken directly from the Great Wall, representing what villagers living along parts of the Wall are doing on a much larger scale – because they cannot afford to buy bricks or other construction materials, they are helping themselves to brick after brick of the Wall, to build their ovens, stoves, shelters.


Childhood memories of an artist.  Works like these make the past feel more tangible… They make us think about where we come from, what are we made of, what has been sacrificed in the name of change, and whether it has been worth it. In this work the artist alludes to the warmth of her childhood memories, to how home was a place where sound, laughter and chatter could always be heard, where members were always in sight and basically there for each other.

What has changed?


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