Smart or Happy?

It was the school holidays here about 2 weeks ago, and one of the therapists brought her 11 year old son to work, leaving him to entertain himself in the library space shared by us students. During my break in between sessions, we struck up a conversation.

“So you don’t have to go back to school at all during the holidays?”

“Nope! But I know my cousins in Sg do!”

“Yeah, I know because I was a teacher there. Students and teachers have to go back to school practically every holiday.”

“That’s why Sg is ranked like top 5 in student smartness and Australia is like number 20-something…”

“Well it’s probably the other way round if happiness  was measured.”

And he seemed to find that very amusing, for some reason. Maybe he thought I was joking.

So which is more important- being smart, or being happy?

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