A recent incident with a client involving clothes and the wearing of them (or not) made me think about just how differently people can perceive the world.

We are not better, they are not worse off. It’s just that we have different perceptions of how the world operates, why we need  certain things and why we have certain expectations in place. Just because we belong to the majority does not make our perceptions of the world correct. Just because they are not able to articulate their reasons for doing certain things does not make them wrong.

Of course I was shocked and horrified and traumatized and felt all the normal emotions an innocent girl would feel, having come into contact with the full glory of the male body in this sudden way. But I’ve had time to think and reflect about it, and I think what he needs is the space for understanding, not another judgement.

And we did have a pretty good session, once all that was out of the way.

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