The Streets of Newtown

Located just on the outskirts of the CBD area, Newtown is a central suburb, vibrant and bustling with people, vehicles and  basically all forms of life. As I was snapping photographs along the streets, it suddenly struck me – this was the place where we stayed when I first visited Sydney almost 4 years ago! No wonder certain landmarks like the church – and even the graffiti – looked strangely familiar.

Even though I would choose peace and quiet over busy noisy streets any day, there was something about the vibes of Newtown which made me not mind the busy sidewalks and roads too much. Maybe it was the rows of artyfarty shops, the fusion of vintage and modern architecture, a testimony to how space and civilisations can be reworked to become something totally new, yet bear hints and carry stories of the past to the present. I like that idea..


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