BangBang Cafe

The art reminded me of Cozy!

The only downside is that this hideout is located at the top of my least favorite terrain – a SLOPE.

So, huffing and puffing, I climbed to the top. Glad the effort was worth it 🙂

Another takeaway I got from sitting there that morning – the gentleman at the table next to me seemed to be a really seasoned coffee drinker, and at one point he remarked to the barista: “I can tell you clean your coffee machine regularly”. He went on to describe the effect that would have on the taste of the espresso (which I couldn’t really understand or remember, being the amateur I am), to which the barista replied proudly: “Yes, I clean my machine at least 2-3 times a day.” And they beamed at each other.

Well, at least now I know that even the frequency of cleaning the coffee machine has an effect on the taste and quality!

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