Food II

Cooking and making our own food is more time consuming, but also so much more satisfying.

Like, Sushi. The idea that we’re able to create something so aesthetically-rounded with our bare hands (credit goes to the amazing Japanese culture and people for this) brings such pleasure. And the fruit tarts – after an afternoon of mixing, baking, refrigerating and waiting, I could feel my heart flutter in delight when I finally placed the tarts on the plate, ready to be eaten in one bite.

Patience and resilience – 2 things I’ve learnt from learning how to cook. I had to throw out a pot of burnt cream custard because I did not add enough milk. Painful lesson, one that tempted me to give up, but the second batch was much more successful, and I’m glad I tried again.

Now that assignments are winding down and the first semester is ending soon, I’m making it a point to learn how to make/cook/bake something new every week.

Yum 🙂


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