The Counter Cafe and The Father

While at this cafe, I observed a little boy who came in with his father. He could not have been more than four or five, yet he was able to order his own food (“I would like banana bread!”) with such confidence that I had to look at his father in admiration.

What a contrast from the parents I’m used to seeing. The parents who would sit their kids down, ask them what they want and proceed to order the food for them (I’m afraid I used to fall into this category while growing up). Or the parents who simply ignore their child’s requests and tell their child to “eat whatever I order for you”. To me, this simple act of allowing your child to order their own food teaches them so many things – being responsible for your actions, manners, social etiquette, communication skills. And as seen from that little boy, he seems to have learnt all these well. I’m impressed!

The Counter Cafe


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