A lane so small, it’s not even registered / labelled on the map. Apparently its the surname of one of the city’s early settlers. Not the Batman Batman (as I thought it was).


The rewards were immense:
(Happy to find Frankie there!)

Slightly more expensive latte, but so worth it. They do nothing but coffee, and truly put their heart and soul into it. And it’s by the same people behind Circa and Three Ropes!

As I was leaving, the friendly barista struck up a chat, and asked me what was I doing in Sydney, etc (He graduated from the same Uni!). Then he asked if I would come for the coffee again, and I said “Yes, I will.”

“You promise?”

He asked with such childlike seriousness that I had to laugh.

“Yes! I promise.”


And that, was how my day was made 🙂

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