Three Ways Of Playing

In the recent skills class, we were introduced to the concept of 3 different ways of playing.

1. Playing with the intention to express one’s feelings

2. Playing with the intention to induce feelings in another person

3. Playing with the intention to listen

The class focused on No. 3, and yes, No. 3 is as difficult as it sounds. How is one supposed to be the performer of the music, yet at the same time, play the role of listener? How do we detach ourselves from the biasness of the performer, and engage as an objective listener, such that we can adjust our playing accordingly? The notion of it is so zen-like and otherworldly, that I felt intrigued by it instantly.

I was also suddenly reminded that this is not a totally new notion presented to me. In the days of practicing for performances and recitals, this was something my teacher had told me as well – to develop the ability to listen to yourself – really listen, from the perspective of the audience, not just from the view of the performer – is so important. Only then can you truly decide what you want to communicate to your listeners, to the world around you.

Applies to life too, doesn’t it?

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