My First Bake

My housemate admitted that she was surprised at the fact that my cookies turned out edible, given that I didn’t know how to make egg mayo from eggs, and I didn’t know that milk had to be consumed within 7 days of opening.

I must admit I was pretty surprised myself. Apart from their appearance, the other aspects of the cookies were passable – crispy outside, soft inside, with a nice buttery taste.

The housemate suggested adding raisins next, and I think I might also try future batches with oats, or chocolate chips. I’d also like to make a trip to Daiso and source for cute cookie cutters 🙂

Ever since I started living here, I realize my adventurous side has been stretched quite a bit. Not to the extreme, of course, but I’ve been doing things I never thought I’d do (like using soured milk to make pancakes. Don’t look at me. Google said it would be ok).

It is nice knowing that I’m capable of trying new recipes and using kitchen appliances I’ve never even touched before, and have them turn out not too bad. This feels like what learning should be like. Not for the sake of qualifications or recognition, but for that simple sense of gratification, knowing that you have gained a new skill, improved in an aspect of knowledge,  gained an experience irreplaceable in books or lectures.

I’m glad I have this chance to Learn.


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