Short Black Panther

I ventured all the way to Sydney’s South for this, in an almost 2-hour journey, to arrive at a quiet little suburb, to look for this quiet little cafe.

Crazy? Maybe. Spending too much time with Kohlberg could do that to you.


The lovely menus are made from children’s books!



That’s her – barista and owner! I have two words for her: Passion, and Dedication.


Would you believe this is theย washroom?


Too bad there wasn’t really a cat around.


As usual I sat there the longest, watching customers come in for their breakfasts, brunches, and takeaway coffees.ย The way they chat with each other, you’d think they were all friends, not just cafe-owner and patron!ย I guess this is one of the nice things of opening your cafe in a small suburb like this. Your customers are literally your neighbors.
(Except the occasional randomย girl who would travel 2 hours or more just because she saw a random review online, maybe.)


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