The Lowland


“In a world of diminishing mystery, the unknown persists.”

Unknowns like – How to justify one’s political beliefs. How to live when someone you love and thought you needed… is no longer around. How to negotiate the expectations of society, yet remain true to oneself. As woman, mother, daughter. As man, brother, son. Unknowns.

Based on the true event of the Naxalbari uprising in the late 1960s. A very eye-opening and insightful read, at the same time with the ability to touch the chords of the most tender emotions within.

As they drove back to the village Richard asked Subhash about India, about its caste system, its poverty. Who was to blame?

I don’t know. These days everyone just blames everyone else.

But is there a solution? Where does the government stand?

Subhash didn’t know how to describe India’s fractious politics, its complicated society, to an American. He said it was an ancient place that was also young, still struggling to know itself. You should be talking to my brother, he said.

You have a brother?

He nodded.

You’ve never mentioned him. What’s his name?

He paused, then uttered Udayan’s name for the first time since he’d arrived in Rhode Island.

Well, what would Udayan say?

He would say that an agrarian economy based on feudalism is the problem. He would say the country needs a more egalitarian structure. Better land reforms.

Sounds like a Chinese model.

It is. He supports Naxalbari.

Naxalbari? What’s that?



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