From Penrith to Circular Quay // Manly Wharf

Where we wait for the bus on campus.


I missed the train.


Reached Central Station and wanted to take a bus, only to be told that it was better to walk to my destination from Circular Quay!

After a whole big round, I finally reached my destination. And even managed to catch the second half of the concert.


Strolled around the Gardens, looking for a place where I could sit and have my pasta salad lunch.


After lunch, I was walking back to Circular Quay when I caught sight of the Ferry Terminal board. The ferry to Manly was leaving in 3 minutes, and I had an unlimited travel concession on hand. What’s stopping me?

So I hopped on the ferry to Manly, and hopped on the next one back. I know I didn’t stay very long to see much of Manly, but at least I know how convenient it  is to get there and back now.

Fruitful Saturday 🙂

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