Our Lives and Others

Seldom do we think that our lives are impactful.

I’m just a worker in a company, we might think. I do my job, I get my salary, I go home and feed my family. I do not do great good deeds. I do not spend my time volunteering at charities – No, I am not a person of impact.

But if we have formed relationships and friendships of any sort, more often than not, our lives are more impactful than we give ourselves credit for.

I know, because only after being away from everyone I love, do I feel the impact and place they have in my life. Not that I took them for granted before, but it’s just that now, I feel their importance even more. They might not think themselves as important, but I feel and miss their presence daily. And I think that is a very strong indicator of the impact we might not know we have.

Our lives are intertwined, more than we think. No man (or woman) is an island, and everyone is a bead on the same string. May our lives move forward with the awareness of this impact we are capable of making in the lives of others.


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