Easy… Until…

It is easy to think we have no anger

Until someone does something that unexpectedly makes us mad.

It is easy to think we are humble,

Until we realise we have been putting others down in our minds.

It is easy to think we have been on top of everything

Until a jolt makes us realise we are suddenly at the bottom.

It is easy to think we are happy,

Until Life comes along.


Nothing that drastic has happened to me, and I think I’ve always been a rather level-headed person. But I was just reflecting on how the so-called challenges we face in life, as much as we feel we could do without them, are really necessary after all. They teach us so much about our own weaknesses, our areas for improvements, our inner strengths and abilities. Most importantly, they MOULD us in a way that would have been impossible if we lived through lives in a bed of roses (without thorns).

Straight roads will never make skillful drivers, indeed.


PS: Remind me of this post when I meet my next challenge in life. Knowing this old friend, it won’t be too far away.

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