The Art of Happiness

A study into one of the most elusive aspects of life – Happiness.

We want to experience it, we are constantly searching for it, many do everything in their power to achieve it, but the number who can safely say that they have it are sparse and few.

As I read chapters of this book, covering topics like why Happiness is so important to us, what are the elements which lead to happiness, what can we do about inevitable suffering and obstacles which seem to prevent us from attaining happiness… I found myself confronting incidents and happenings from my daily life. Events and people which had prevented me from feeling happy, which had caused misery and sadness. The more I read, the more new insights and perspectives I gained about Life and Happiness. Of course, some of the points stated in the book, such as self-inflicted suffering arising from blaming our problems on others – are not uncommon. We have come across many of these points before. But the book is written in an engaging way, which makes us want to introspect and apply the discussed principles into our daily lives, to see if it works. Hence I could not wait till I finished the end of the book to write about it.

Are you Happy?

Am I?

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