From the Belly of the Cat

When Books Actually / Math Paper Press announced the release of this publication, I knew I’d have to get my hands on a copy.

To support the bookstore, to support local writers, to support cats.

And I was rewarded with a collection of amazing short stories, all written by people who have lived, grown up, or graced our humble shores. Including the cats. The lovely, unique, wonderful cats. All individuals in their own right, all placed in our lives for a reason, and all dignity and pride epitomized.

My relationship with cats?

I have not had the (mis)fortune to be owned by a cat (as of now), but I take pleasure in being allowed to serve Her Royal Highness who resides below our block, once in a while. She allows me to stand still while she inspects my feet and sniffs my aura for hints of feeding. Then, having completed her inspection, she’d sit a distance away and start licking her paws, a sign that I may go on home. Sometimes, she rewards me with a belly flop/roll, and internally rolls her eyes while I squeal in delight.

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