This Week’s Gratitude

Learnt ALOT this week about a new approach to music education, from top-notch specialists in the field.

We did not have to pay a single cent for an otherwise very expensive course!

Saw similarities in the field of therapy. If fate permits, I might actually be able to try things out across the different fields soon 🙂

Got the chance to reconnect with musical colleagues in other schools, seniors and juniors. Able to share ideas, thoughts, plans, what works and what doesn’t, etc.

Met and made new friends – music teachers from different countries like Ireland and Germany, who vastly enhanced our worldview about music education as well. I was especially inspired by the lady who teaches in SOTA and gave us a very nice picture about the work she does there.

We made wonderful music together, and the smiles on our faces said everything.

Got the chance to hone personal musicianship (have not felt this stressed about aural tests since tertiary days)

I feel that I have also reaffirmed why I signed on the dotted line in the first place. It was about Music, and it always will be. I just need to be careful not to forget that.


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