Ta Phrom

Personally, I feel that calling this beautiful place the “Tomb Raider Temple” is rather embarrassing and degrading.

I loved how the trees grow over the temple, stretching their roots across the walls, a union between nature and man-made structure.






This column particularly impressed me because, our guide told us that these holes originally contained diamonds! One can only imagine how beautiful the reflection of the hundreds of precious stones must have been when sunlight filtered in on a day like this.




The exploration of this temple took a memorable turn, when we were brought on an “adventure” by our guide, away from the crowds,  across boulders and narrow passageways, to reach areas seemingly untainted by the presence of other humans. Thanks to him, we were able to experience quiet corners of the temple, otherwise though to be inaccessible. It made the muscle aches I experienced later on worth it ;p



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